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Stumblefoot Brewing Co.
1784 La Costa Meadows Dr #103
San Marcos, CA 92078

760-566-foot (3668)

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Stumblefoot Brewing Company

Welcome to Stumblefoot Brewing Co! If you haven't heard about us yet, we are fast becoming an underground success!

Beer of the month:
White Ale
ABV: 6 %
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We decided to come up with a definition that incorporates the essence of our experience:

Stumblefoot – \’stəm • bəl • fut\ (noun)
1) The art and science of gaining new knowledge through the happenstance of interesting encounters. Fortune favors the prepared.
See also: Organic, sharing, open-minded, kismet, lucky

Stumblefoot is a name that personifies the boot strap and prototyping format we have gone about creating our brewery. The name pays tribute to our willingness to experiment.

Stumblefoot Brewery is in its third year of joining the ranks of new breweries. We have setup in San Diego's North County - in San Marcos, CA. This area has become known as a mecca for beer. And all you need to do be a part of it is ... Represent!

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